Deconstructing 'growth hacking'

Hey everyone, hope your year is starting to close out nicely!This week's edition covers a deconstruct

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December 13 · Issue #83 · View online
Hand picked articles, resources, tools, and conversation from around the world of marketing technology. #martech

Hey everyone, hope your year is starting to close out nicely!
This week’s edition covers a deconstruction of the term ‘Growth Hacking’, how TV stations will be soon targeting you just like Google, and a look at how 5 brands are using Facebook Messenger to drive engagement. 
From there, some holiday related ecommerce information and two awesome resources round things out.
We’ll be back again next week, talk to you soon!

Let's Talk About "Growth Hacking" - Optimist
TV stations are about to track you and sell targeted ads, just like Google and Facebook - The Washington Post
Holiday Ecommerce To Hit Record $107B in 2017; Mobile Will Lead In Visits
What Does It Take for a Startup to Achieve Product-Market Fit (PMF?) | Propeller CRM Blog
5 Brands Using Facebook Messenger To Drive Engagement
Free Resources, Guides & Help for Web Newbies
Briefcase by Appsumo
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