How MarTech Helped This Startup Scale to $1 Billion

Hey there,Let me ask you a question:Why are established companies slow to adopt Marketing Technology

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Hey there,
Let me ask you a question:
Why are established companies slow to adopt Marketing Technology solutions in spite of the massive benefits of doing so?
Most MarTech solutions are available as Software as a Service (SaaS). This makes super easy for any company to implement them—simple plug & play.
But established companies still need to go through many constraints and layers of bureaucracy.
As a result, they implement MarTech through two main ways:
  1. By working with a consultancy;
  2. By acquiring another company. 
Unilever chose the latter. The consumer goods giant just acquired Dollar Shave Club (founded in 2011) for $1 billion. This proves right the business saying “ideas are cheap, execution is everything”.
The force of Dollar Shave Club wasn’t the idea—selling razor blades through subscription—but the ability to create a great customer experience with a rigorous MarTech implementation.
I hope this success story will inspire you.
Guerric de Ternay.

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