Will Target Learn From Facebook?

Technology speeds ahead and marketing races to keep up. In this week's issue we learn how Facebook ha

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September 13 · Issue #34 · View online
Hand picked articles, resources, tools, and conversation from around the world of marketing technology. #martech

Technology speeds ahead and marketing races to keep up. 
In this week’s issue we learn how Facebook has been so effective at monetizing an audience without pissing the members off.  As Target tries to scale their digital marketing platform will they follow suit?  
Then we switch over to the B2B side and look at the barriers between marketing and sales. 
The final three articles remind us that underneath all of the cool tech is a person and that everything starts with our customers. That ain’t rocket surgery, but it’s good to be reminded once in awhile. 
Lots of good stuff. Enjoy and we will see you next week!


Facebook isn’t just fighting ad blockers, it’s fighting the underlying causes of blocking | TechCrunch
Is Target The Next Digital Media Giant? | CMO Strategy - AdAge
Here's How 6 Brands Are Using Instagram's New Zoom Feature | Digital - AdAge
Is Technology Building a Barrier Between Sales and Marketing Teams? | MarTech Advisor
Digital Marketing Technology's Big Bang Theory
High-performing marketers emphasize people over data, technology, strategy - Chief Marketing Technologist
MarTech Doesn't Matter without Empathy - BoostCompanies
Customer Relationships - Why You Should Ditch Your Goal of a 360-Degree Customer View : MarketingProfs Article
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